Important Aspects to Consider When Fitting a Towbar to your Car

You might be planning to buy a caravan, or have a motocross bike that you want to transport to meets, and if you are in the market for a towbar, there are a few important things to take into account.

  1. Finding a Compatible Towbar – When looking at towbar fitting prices in Pontefract, make sure that the unit is compatible with your vehicle, which is something the supplier can advise on. There are 3 main types of towbar, the fixed ball flange type, the detachable swan neck type, and the fixed san neck type towbar.
  2. Make Sure the Vehicle is Suitable for Towing – The size of the engine should be at least 2 litres in order to tow a caravan or heavy trailer, however, if you plan on towing a small trailer, a small engine vehicle would be fine.
  1. Electrical Fittings – You will require electrical fittings to hook up lights, brake lights and indicators, and any reputable towbar supplier would be able to fit the required electrical fittings that will allow you to safely tow the trailer in question.
  1. Special Wing Mirrors – If you are planning on towing a caravan or large trailer, you will need an extended set of wing mirrors that allow you to have vision. These are usually available from the towbar supplier, who would stock a complete range of accessories.

If you would like to make contact with a reliable towbar supplier, use an online business directory and then you can pay the supplier a visit.

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