Tips To Drive Safely With A Baby On Board

New parents feel very anxious while traveling alongside their bundle of joy via car. Given the large number of car accidents taking place every year, this fear is extremely valid. Today we are going to talk about a few precautions which can reduce the stress of new parents from the risk associated with car accidents. 

  • Install The Correct Car Seat

Car seats are available in a variety of types and styles making it tricky to decide on the final choice. The seat you select needs to be in sync with your child’s age to ensure a snug fit. It also pays to invest in a car seat that is accompanied by proper safety ratings. A rear-facing car seat is ideal for children up to 3 years of age. Next comes a forward-facing seat that can accommodate children between 2-7 years. A booster seat can be used once your kid outgrows the forward-facing seat and until they can be seated properly with a seat belt. While installing the car seat you need to properly go through the manufacturer’s instructions to limit its movement during accidents. 

  • Use A Sunshade

It is imperative to install a sunshade at the window next to your baby for keeping your little one safe from the sun glare especially when they are asleep. Sunshades also have a big role to play in keeping the vehicle temperature in control. 

  • Switch Off Your Phone

The biggest number of car accidents happen due to inattentiveness on the part of the driver. Switching off your mobile phone or placing it in silent mode is the first step towards safe driving. Parents have to look after the baby while driving and this already toggles with their concentration levels while on the road. Answering calls or replying to text messages can add to the level of risk. While the usage of screen-based and hands-free systems is comparatively safer, it is advisable to completely refrain from the same with a baby on board. 

  • Have An Elder Take Care Of The Baby In The Backseat

While car seats guarantee optimum safety for your baby, nothing can match with having someone sit in the back and take care of your little one. This can also help the driving parent feel more relaxed and concentrate fully on the driving. Babies stay quieter in the company of someone next to them. Having someone else in the car becomes more pertinent during long trips. 

  • Don’t Feed Or Change While Driving

Parents get disoriented while driving whenever their baby starts fussing. They have an immediate instinct of looking at the baby and this can lead to unpredictable accidents. This is why it is ideal to feed and change your little one before getting started. Parents can plan their trips during the nap time of babies or when they feel tired. Feeding your baby while driving is a strict no-no. If it is urgent, you should pull over at a safe spot.

  • Have A Back Seat Mirror Installed

A rearview mirror can help parents keep an eye on their child in the backseat. Although this cannot be treated as an excuse to make eye contact with your baby continuously, it can bring down the stress levels and also help with driving. 

Final Words

Parents cannot compromise on the safety of their children. Even the safest drivers experience fear while driving with their child sitting in the backseat. The tips listed above can guarantee peace of mind to parents while on the road. However, in the worst scenarios, you can seek out the assistance of a car accident attorney in Stockton who can guide you through the entire process.  

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